Saturday, 9 May 2009

alarm clocks, jumpsuits, grandpa glasses and monster bags

So the last few days have been some pretty good days. I hit my dance class again and had a great time. it was so nice to get back into it again. the routine was a good one as well. it saw us doing some slides on the floor and that was nice. i just wish the classes were longer because just when i get down the routine and start focusing more on the technique and hitting the moves, the class is done. I miss the dance classes at SDA in toronto. the instructors are good and the style is what i like. But Ethan's class at Dancenter is good...the style is a lot more along the style that i like. hitting the beats and smoother.

on Friday while getting lunch i decided to drive along tran quoc khai street to look at 2nd hand goods. This small strip in the top part of district 1 has people laying down items (mainly watches, tools, cameras, small electronic goods) and selling them. i occassionaly go by here, as it's near my work, and look for things. i ended up finding this awesome old alarm clock for only 20,000 VND (approx. $1.20usd)...and it works! and my lunch was great too. I tend to get rice at this place called kieu giang and today amongst the many dishes they had, they had all my favourites...fried tofu with lemongrass, sauteed mushrooms and morning glory sauteed in garlic and soup....and all for only 18,000vnd (approx. $1usd). And then our editor brought in mangos from his garden for me as well...'and as if that wasn't enough, i went to the tailors to pick up my one piece yellow jumpsuit shorts and they look great!!!! I am now wondering why i have not made clothes before until now. And then on my way home, a woman selling bags on the street had this great green tote monster bag that i got. so friday was indeed a good day of pretty things which make me happy.

Earlier this week i picked up my vintage "grandpa" glasses. a few weeks back i found some glasses on the same street that i got my alarm clock. I brought them to the glasses shop and got my prescription in them for only 120,000 vnd (approximately $9 USD). And next week i'll get to pick up my 12 vintage dresses that i brought over here from canada and bangkok, that i got altered at another tailor. SO excited! pretty clothes again.

So today i'll be working on a couple of flyer ideas for the next party and hopefully at lunchtime, i'll run over to the music shop and see if they have the midi console mixer in. And then tonight we'll be hitting the karaoke place with some friends. it's been ages and i feel like singing. This week
end i'll just be working and researching for things and catching up on sleep. :D

so here are the pics....

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