Saturday, 23 May 2009

ratata in saigon...and afterparty hosted by everyone's a dj!!

Ratatat are coming to saigon.....i hadn't heard of them until tom had mentioned that they were coming and he was super excited. found out that they are a couple of guys from brooklyn who play indie electronic stuff with no vocals..and they managed to do a gig at the guggenheim museum in new york. now that's what i call cool! so i took a listen and i really like their stuff. at first listen, not knowing what to expect, i was a little kind of put off by what seemed to me sounded like "i'm trying really hard to put lots of sound samples in there" but after listening to their 2 albums i've come to like and appreciate them. I like the track "shempi" off their new album LP3. So since hearing about the gig i've been getting more and more excited to see them play...and then it hit me...let's do an afterparty! the music they play is along the same lines as the music we do at our party and it's a perfect fit! and our party was going to be on the saturday, so just switch it to friday instead. Since then, Tom and I have been scrambling around trying to confirm the party and now i'm happy to say that it is confirmed! we've contacted the management to see if any of the guys would be interested in playing a set and they said..maybe..will depend on how they feel on the we're keeping our fingers crossed. We found a venue right across the street from the place they're playing at so, we're super excited!!! We can set up and run right across the street. how awesome is that!!!

so flyer is done..and promo-ing begins! ratatat in saigon! :D

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