Wednesday, 6 May 2009

analog travels

So I've decided to abandon my live journal account and start from scratch again with a brand new blog. I'll try and keep it updated with all the things going on in this side of the world in my work and my travels and my projects. So why did i call this analog travels. There's something romantic about analog...and travelling to see the old...because we're becoming so modern we start to forget where it came from. Where we come from.

So a few things about what has been going on in my life here lately:

I've been rediscovering film as in film cameras. I've been carrying my nikon fg slr film camera around more and am falling in love with film all over again. From the click sound of the camera, to the rewinding to the surprise element of what will come out to the beauty of the results. There's something comforting about film. For the first time in a long time, i actually have prints to look at. There's a quality of forgivingness that film gives us. There's a sense of the old. it feels more sensory and i'm having lots of fun with it. I've been playing with my 2 lomography cameras as well. my four frame and my fisheye. Th
e fisheye is the most fun because i can expose the film for as long as i want and the option allows me to do multiple exposures on the one frame. Super fun! super film!

I've been keeping busy with our dance party as well. Everyone's a DJ ( Not only has it exposed me to the world of "mixing" and i'm slowly getting the hang of in understanding music more and am able to beat match a bit more. I'm going
to get a midi console mixer this week and then let the fun begin. But not only that, it's allowing me to be more creative again. I've been doing the flyers and having a blast working on it. Researching, learning the program more, designing , tweaking, etc. And now i've got one more thing to add to my plate....i'm starting to teach myself premiere because i want to start doing my own visuals for the party. I want to work on a stop motion clip and then move to graphics and also implementing still photos into something...and not only that but it's nice to work with like-minded people again. people who are creating things for the sake of creating....and feeding off each other. And the party is super fun. it gives me at least one night a month for me to dance in a dark bar/club to music i a no bullshit diy atmosphere. And the feedback from people is great. It's a night like non-other here in saigon and i know it'll just build slowly. we have a lot of word of mouth and each month there's more and more people and new people. It's really nice to hear people say it's the best music they've heard here in saigon and how they love it cos it's so different then anything out there. And how we have a concept and are doing it because we love it. We're not in it for the money. We're in it for ourselves and people are feeling that and loving it.

I'm starting my dance classes up again as well after a few weeks rest after inflaming my back. I realize more and more each day how important dancing is in my life
. it makes me feel so good. It lets me forget everything and it allows me to be free. to forget all my stress, sadness, worries and just dance. just dance.

I'm also beginning to explore more again. Explore this city and country. There's so much out there to see and it's all slowly fading away. From the time i arrived here in saigon over 2 years ago to now, so much has changed not only architecturally but also people, attitudes, fashion, socially, media wise, everything is developing so fast that sometimes it's nice to slow down and take it all in before it's gone. Before all the colours of this city are lost in the modernity that is slowly creeping into this city. Slow down to see the beauty in the old.

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